Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jennie's Testimony

I was 7 when I accepted Christ and was baptized by my grandfather. My grandparents, parents, and aunt/uncle started the church I go to, the summer before I was born. So, I was raised in a Christian home. I was young when I started my relationship with Jesus, and I don't remember a lot, but I do remember that first day. My new birthday; the day I asked Jesus to be my best friend, was given my first bath, and was fed my first meal of communion in the back room of the building my family worshiped God every Sunday. I was young, so my first step was small. Just as my physical body and mind were maturing, my love and knowledge of God was maturing. Slow and steady. The part I have enjoyed (and am still enjoying) the most is never being along - especially in my teenage years when people are at their all time rejection 'high.' God is with me. I can't remember a day without him. He is walking with me. He knows my thoughts, my joys, my pains. He is my best friend.

For a part of my life (high school-ish) I really questioned... could I have really known what I was doing at 7? At Christian events was where I struggled with these thoughts the most. I wanted an amazing testimony. I don't have any cool, transforming way in which Jesus overcame a terrible life. I don't have a great testimony, so maybe its not real? Maybe this doesn't 'count.' One of the first things that happened to me at college was going through a leadership study on Jeremiah. When I heard that God called Jeremiah IN HIS YOUTH and even called him into leadership at a young age, I immediately knew that was a message from God to me. God called ME IN MY YOUTH. It is all real. God is real. My friendship with him is real. Then I found out that the bible says, "we can know that we have eternal life" (1 John 5:13). Wow! In the same way I know that I am married to Tim, I can know that I have a relationship with Jesus. I can have confidence in that, and stop wasting time wondering. I have peace and joy - because I know.

I have a friend. A best friend who always loves me. He always brings joy and peace, even when this life gets hard - miscarriage, rejections, hurt, disappointment, life. He will never divorce me. He even wrote me love letters. And I really enjoy his company. Do you have a friend like that?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cool Rap