Friday, June 26, 2009

Books to Review

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kai and Mac Update

[insert usual excuse about not posting to our blog here]

Hi, Mom and Aunt Betsy. Glad you stopped by. I thought I would surprise you a bit and have a something here for you to read.


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Yes, you almost wouldn't know it from the updates on this blog, but we have a son. And he's 7 months old! Dude, time flies, when you're having fun, and also when you are raising kids, as it turns out.

  • Eating: Kai is just now starting to eat some real food. And by "real," I mean vegetables and fruits ground and blended into a consistency of projectile-all-over-my-shirt. Last night Granny was able to coax little man into swallowing prunes, followed by sweet potatoes. Yes, we know that's sorta backwards, but up until now, getting anything down this kid's goozler other than formula has been an exercise in futility, so we're just going with what works.
  • Crawling: Not so much, but he's working on it. He can roll over to his belly in a blink, but we haven't seen him roll back to his back yet. He pushes his top half up with his strong little arms, kicks his legs, but he's still high centered on that belly until he can learn to pull his knees up under himself.
  • Talking: We think he might be a singer some day, sorta like Adam Lambert based on his 80s hair band scream. By the time he's ready, the style will be back, no doubt. Kai has said mama, dada, lala (which we think is "I love you"), mmmmmm (for Mac probably), hi, and bye. The last two were reported by various family members with keen ears, but haven't been confirmed by the officials yet.
  • Hair: He has 2 cute/annoying little curls (depending on your disposition toward curls) on the top of his head. Jennie would like to cut them off; Granny says keep 'em (reminds her of the Gerber baby). I think they're like his little signature -- and might help him with his 80s band motif.
We're so proud of our little prince. He's full of energy, fairly predictable with his naps and eating times, and a joy to have around.


Oh, our little princess. Where to start...
  • She talks all the time.
  • She talks non-stop.
  • And something else, what was it... oh, she talks a lot.
  • Except when she's watching movies on my iPhone, which she figured out 2 days after I got the thing. That's probably why just about everyone in Jennie's family wants an iPhone now, I'm sure. Mac is the absolute proof that anyone can run the thing (if a 2-year-old can do it, then anyone can, right?).
  • Little miss has a pink bicycle now with training wheels, and she can pedal that thing pretty good.
  • Mac finished up soccer class last week. I think she thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to run around the field with Dad (and sometimes Mom) and be active together.
  • She's still in gymnastics every week, and recently was moved up a class level cuz she's so darned good.
  • Mac was in VBS at the church last week, and loved nearly every minute of it. I say "nearly" because some of the kids kinda freaked her out (heck, they freaked me out), but for the most part I think she had a good time and learned a little about Jesus. Though we're still trying to figure out how she came home with dirt in her hair and various crevices.
  • Mac really enjoys riding in the bicycle trailer with her brother, pulled by Dad.

That's all for now. As always, you can watch our Flickr photostream for the latest Morgan activities. I'll try to update the blog more often this summer, since we'll no doubt have so many exciting family activities to share.

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