Sunday, June 26, 2005

Birthday Party

Friday Jennie once again turned one year older than me -- now she's a quarter of century old! So, for ten more months, I'll have to hear about the fact that I'm just a youngin' and she's soooo much more mature and I can't possibly understand complex ideas and concepts like she can. Yada yada yada. (I just keep telling myself she'll turn 40 before me, and 50 and 60 and....)

Today we had a party with 20... no, 30... no, 50 of our closest friends and family. Wow. And I even missed people. If you're one of those people I didn't call or email, please accept my sincere apology. (You see, I organized this party, and I didn't do the best job; sorry.) It's amazing how many people one person or one family can influence in the world. One really starts to realize that fact when they all (or at least some) show up in one place at one time.

Kinda makes me want to do a better job of influencing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

If God is in Control, Why do I Have a Headache?

This is the study I'm doing this summer. I highly recommend it. I'm studying women in the bible and God's opinion about health. The first week talked about Esther and fasting. The 2nd week talked about exercise and eating right. I'm in the 3rd week right now and it's talking about emotional health.

God, thank you for caring about me - and even caring about my health. I pray you continue to speak to me through this study. I devote myself to you and learning more about you!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bible Study Notebook

As if we don't have enough blogs already, our Care Group is starting a blog for the summer: Bible Study Notebook. Therein we hope to get our entire Care Group to post thoughts about their daily Bible reading. We've planned out the next 10 weeks of study with a little reading each day.