Saturday, August 07, 2010

SproutRobot Garden

We got our seeds and instructions from SproutRobot and started our late summer garden last weekend. Our instructions said to use pots, but we decided to really go crazy and build planter boxes instead.

Believe it or not, it wasn't a disaster!


Jennie read somewhere that cedar boards would repel water and resist rot — so off to Home Depot we went. They pre-cut the boards for us, so all I had to do was drill holes and put in screws.


We bought A LOT of potting soil. I didn't realize the soil would be the most expensive part of this project. It's dirt for heaven's sake — the most abundant material on earth! But oh well.


Both boxes in place, with a bit of dirt.


The kids played with the water hose while Mom and Dad worked (Kai was off riding his Diego trike somewhere and missed this photo op).


Back to the store, get more dirt, fill up the bigger box.


SproutRobot has some excellent illustrations and has a definite "with-love" touch to the whole thing.


By the time our project was ready for seeds, it was getting dark, and the bugs were in full attack mode. I sent the rest of the family in the house to watch from the window.

* * * *

Fast forward about three days, and we have...


GREEN! Our little pumpkin sprouts are growing strong!


Mac is pretty excited about the project, and helps to water every day.

Our other planter box will get some carrot seeds in a week or so.

I'll try to post some updates here to let you know our progress.