Friday, October 23, 2009

Mac's Eye Trick

For the last several months, Mac has been occasionally saying "I see two mommies." So we told the pediatrician at one of her visits, and she said it can be normal for a 2 year old to cross their eyes on purpose but just to make sure she sent us to a kids only eye doctor. The first visit went well, but she got stage fright and wouldn't cross her eyes (left eye goes up and right eye goes in) that day. So we had a homework project, 3 months to try to get her 'eye trick' on video. Just a few days ago I was finally able to catch it on video.

So, now we're up to current time. We went to the eye doctor yesterday for our follow up visit to the eye doc. After looking at the video and doing another small exam, he has diagnosed Mac with Brown's Syndrome. It's a rare eye syndrome, which for Mac is not letting her right eye go: up and left (45 degrees). How did I never notice that she always tilts her head slightly to the right? It's not just her being cute, it's how she sees. Good news is that there is no treatment necessary because most people grow out of this in their teen years. We don't have to do anything different, but we will have to have at least one more eye appointment (in case of misdiagnosis). What a day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


We had a blast on Saturday at KiteFest. Grannie, Tim, Mac, Kai, & I started the day off getting a free kite and flying it. There were at least 100 families out flying kites in the field. It looked so neat, so we called The Richters & Grandpa to come join the fun. We met them for lunch at Shiloh's (they have great rolls) and then went back for more kite flying. Grannie bought Lex, Inara, & Mac a little "bug" to keep. Then we sat and watched a "little plane" fly around. Next was playing with a ladybug (thanks Tim) and then we completed the day by watching a BIG Marine helicopter fly away.

It was Grannie's Birthday on Saturday. I think she had a fun day. Sunday went to Red Lobster for her birthday dinner.