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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Kindergarten with Mac

After much prayer, reading, asking around, surfing the web, looking at publishers, and observing Mac, her learning style, and her personality; this is what Kindergarten looks like in the Morgan Household:

First I read these books/articles:
> Personality Plus for Parents (free book rental from library)
> 100 Top Picks Homeschool Curriculum (free book rental from library)
> www.oklahomahomeschool.com

Mac & I were a great match for homeschooling; and based on my research she likes structure, routine, worksheets, visual elements, and physical activity. So this is what our days look like (4 days a week):

8:00 Breakfast as a family
9:00 Phonics & Calendar 10 min.
9:30 Writing & Drawing 10–15 min.
10:00 Reading 8–12 min.
10:30 Activity Time 10–15 min. (Science/Social Studies/Fine Arts/Bible)
11:00 Numbers/Numbers Writing 10–15 min.
11:30 Phonics Review 5–10 min.
Lunch (Kids watch educational DVD/TV/Computer Time while I prepare)
Afternoon = Outside Play/Swimming Lessons/Field Trips
Quiet Time 1-2 hours of quiet play or nap
Dinner & Family Time

Some days school only takes an hour; and some days it takes 4 hours. My main goal of the day is for Mac to love learning. So yes, we always finish what we start - but I try to set her up for success. Like for writing, she get's input. Right now she likes horses, so our writing/drawing/activity/reading are about horses. Some days she naturally extends school to 4 hours because she is eager to learn more. I love it! She loves it! Here are the exact resources we use and how much they cost:

Activity Time: Weaver Interlock Program (Cost $65 at Bibliomania)
Phonics: Horizons K1, K2, K3, K4 Books (Cost: $15 + $15 + $15 + $15 at Mardels)
Math: Horizons K1 + K2 Books (Cost: $15 + $15 at Mardels)
Reading: Library Books (Cost: $0)
Computer Time: http://www.starfall.com/ (Cost: $35/year)
TV Time: Signing Time; Little Einstein; Dora; Diego; etc.
DVD Time: Rock N Learn Series (Cost: $15/DVD on Amazon); Character Builders Series (Cost: $50 on Amazon)
+ Art Supplies, Paper, Colors, etc.
+ Swimming Lessons at Miller Swim School
+ Community Bible Study on Wednesdays
+ Sunday School on Sundays
+ Free Activities around town

Total Cost is about $300 and I get to use almost all of it again with Kai.

For Activity Time next year I'm considering Classical Conversations. The Weaver Interlock Program as well as Classical Conversations allow for a multi-age teaching approach. So I can teach Mac & Kai at the same time. I definitely prefer this type of environment.

We haven't joined a homeschooling group yet, but I know lots of people who homeschool. I like these:
Classical Conversations at Victory

When God calls you to homeschooling, you'll know it. It is lots of work and brings lots of joy!


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