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Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh yeah, we have a blog. And Disney World Pics.

This old thing? It's just something I keep around in the closet to remind me how skinny I used to be. I thought I'd just knock the dust off it and post something for all our (one) readers out there.

Taking inspiration from our favorite mommy blogger, I'll be posting in slide projector narration style...

Mac & Kai

We went to Disney World in early February. While most of our friends and family were enduring Apocalypse Snoklahoma, we were strolling outdoors in shorts and applying liberal amounts of sunscreen. No kidding.


We were immersed in the world of Mickey...


...and princesses. Oh the princesses.

IMG_0477 IMG_0643 IMG_0659

We even managed to survive a shark attack (not sure how we made it out of the mouth though).


Turns out that Goofy is one of Kai's favorites, so imagine the trepidation when we found the 7 foot tall version. Some coaxing was required.


Though, I saved Kai's absolute favorite character of all time for last... the Monorail, or "CHOOOOOOO CHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" as he calls it.


And finally, for good measure, some more adorable pictures of our children:

IMG_0729 IMG_0783 IMG_0814 IMG_0976 IMG_1006 IMG_0447


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