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Friday, November 09, 2007

Yay, Ron Paul!

Yay, Ron Paul!
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I emailed our friend George in Arkansas to ask if he was supporting Mike Huckabee for president since he was a fellow Arkansasyer. I was surprised to get a response that said No, George is supporting Dr. Ron Paul, quite literally, and provided some proof. Ha!

I believe this was Monday, the day Paul raised 4.2 million in 24 hours, breaking most if not all the records. We're currently sitting at 7.7 million.

Most of you will say so what, rich people give money and that means nothing of a candidate's support. Campaign finance law sets the maximum contribution per person at $2300, which means if Bill Gates decides to support a candidate, he can only give the person $2300. The cool thing about Ron Paul's campaign bonanza on Monday was that it was from over 37,000 donors, which means the average donation was just over 100 bucks per person. Wow.

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