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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thomas Wesley Morgan, 1943-2005

My dad lost his battle with lung cancer in the last days of 2005, following his last Christmas with the family. Jennie and I had hoped to deliver some good news in the later half of 2005 regarding a new little addition to the family, but God's timing was a bit different than ours. Not that such news would really help with the hurting that much, but it might have been nice to (at least for us) think of the time more as a transition, as in God gives and he takes away. Along with death can come life, and the fact that my dad chose to follow Christ in baptism in his last months underscores the theme of new life. Dad has new life now.

But he didn't get to know about Mackenzie before he went on.

I don't have a clue what heaven will be like. I imagine earthly things are mostly meaningless once a person is with the Creator of the Universe, but I like to think that he knows about Mac and our small family and the choices we make every day.

I think every son desires the approval of his father. I know he was proud. I hope he knows I am proud of him, too.

On December 29, it will have been two years.

I miss him.

Jennie and I put together a simple video for his memorial service back in January 2006. I ran across a low-quality wmv video file on my server yesterday in doing some clean-up and was reminded of the stack of DVDs we made for the family. Here is a rip from one of those DVDs, if you're interested:

Thomas Wesley Morgan from Tim Morgan on Vimeo.



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