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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bibles Banned at 2008 Olympics

Crazy. Bibles will be banned from the 2008 Olympics. What's next? Will prayer be banned, too?
Last month, Ye Xiaowen acknowledged that he expected large numbers of religious faithful among the athletes, coaches and tourists to be swarming into the officially atheist nation during the Olympics.
They're also banning "any kind of religious symbol" -- not just in the games themselves, but also in the athletic facilities, where the athletes will stay.

I wonder how many Christians will boycott the 2008 Olypics? Or better yet, wouldn't it be great if so many Christian athletes and attendees came to the event wearing their most cliché t-shirts and giant gold cross necklaces and, China-forbid, Bibles, that the whole world took notice and laughed at China?

OK, all kidding aside, I'm not sure what the Christian response to this should be.

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Blogger Dale Best said...

Remember, they will know we are Christians by our love...not by our t-shirts and boycotts.

5:15 PM  

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