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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mac is crawling

Horray! We've had a great couple of days! On Tuesday Mac crawled almost 20 feet while playing, she said "daddy" in sign language, and moved her arms and legs in swim class like she was swimming. Today Mac crawled over to the couch and pulled herself up to standing. We think she's cutting some more teeth. So she is developing so quickly. Once she decides she can do something, she does it well.

She loves playing with musical toys. She has a puppy that sings songs when you push the tummy, feet, hands, and ears. Mac finally "gets it" and will push different parts of the puppy then dance to the music. She loves her "First Sign's" DVD and is beginning to enjoy her "First Move's" DVD, both by Baby Einstein. She still loves her bear-blanket. We're trying to look for another one to buy so we can have plenty clean and ready for her all the time.

We are so thankful that God has blessed Tim and me with such a beautiful and wonderful baby girl. We pray that she would continue to develop into a healthy, strong, and loving child of God.



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