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Monday, July 16, 2007

How To Read 54 Blogs Every Day

Friends are often commenting about how much time I spend online, most likely because of the significant number of good "links" I come across (videos, news articles, new blogs, etc.). They may be absolutely correct that I spend too much time on the Web, but fact is I get so much news and other fun information from 54 (and counting) blogs and various news feeds almost every day.

No, I don't actually visit 54 websites every day. To read those 54 sites, I visit just one: Google Reader.

Google Reader is an online application similar to Gmail or Yahoo Mail that frequently goes out and checks all my favorite websites and adds new stuff (things I haven't seen yet) to my queue -- an "inbox" of sorts. Instead of logging in to read email, I log in to read new blog posts.

As I browse through the list of things, they get marked as "read" and disappear (unless I go digging for them). It's really quite useful, and I'm always surprised when a friend says they visit their favorite blogs the old-fashioned way. It's fine for one or two, but when you get to the point where you have 20 or so friends' blogs, it's impossible to keep up!

So, check it out. Google Reader. It's not just for geeks, I promise.



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