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Saturday, June 23, 2007

It Came From Within, Chapter 18

How can I teach Mackenzie how to process what life sends her way? How to guard her heart against the inevitable firestorms of life?

So what do we do? Other than do all we can to get our own hearts in shape, what can we do to infuse health into the hearts of our children? For starters we can teach them the importance of confession, forgiveness, and generosity. We can teach them to celebrate the successes of others. We can pray. We can model good habits. We can make sure they are in church. We can look for teachable moments. (pg 203-204)

Also, The questions you ask your children communicate to them what is important to you. The questions you repeatedly ask communicate what is most important to you in life. (pg 205)

Our questions have the power to do two things. First, they can communicate the value we place on the condition of their hearts. But more importantly, our questions can actually help our children know what they sould be watching for. In time, our questions will become the gauge by which our children measure their hearts. (pg 206)

Recommended questions for the weekly bedtime routine with each child. (From pg 207)
  • Is everything okay in your heart?
  • Are you mad at anybody?
  • Did anybody hurt your feelings today?
  • Did anybody break a promise to you today?
  • Is there anything you need to tell me?
  • Are you worried about anything?
  • Whose failure would you secretly celebrate?
We should wake up every day of our lives with an eye on the gauges of our hearts. But better yet, imagine a generation of children who grow up attuned not only to what's happening around them but inside of them as well. Imagine your children growing up with an extraordinary sensitivity to the rhythms of their hearts. I don't have to tell you the difference that would make in their lives. You know the difference it would have made for you... As adults, we have been instructed to guard our hearts with all diligence. As parents, we have been given the responsibility to teach our kids to guard theirs. If the heart of your child is important to you, ask your child about what's going on in there. Teach your child to confess, forgive, give generously, and celebrate the successes of others. These are the habits that keep a heart free from painful clutter. There are the habits that will enable your child to develop a healthy adult relationship with you in the future. These are the habits that will change everything. (pg 210)

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Wow, that's cool! What book is this from?? I'd like to read it. I have so many parenting books, it's overwhelming!!

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