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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Today, I ate alone at an authentic Italian restaurant. I only think it was authentic because it wasn't very busy, all the employees spoke broken English, and it had that little hole-in-the-wall feel. But they still had softdrinks. Strange that no matter how "authentic" the restaurant, they always have one of the two major softdrink lineups: Coke or Pepsi. I was saddened a little that they chose Pepsi, but that makes sense being that it was a small and not wildly-successful place, and I happen to know that Pepsi products are cheaper (in both senses of the word).

Anyway, I ordered a Calzone. At the time I was ordered, I wondered to myself, if it should be pronounced Cal-Zone (with a long 'o') or Cal-Zone-Y (with a long 'o' and an 'ie' on the end). I've heard it both ways, and you always want to look less like a dumb American in front of people who are less white and speak less English than you do.

When it came out, it resembled a deflated football. Funny, because I thought for sure Calzone was big and round with a hole in the middle, and cut into eight or so slices. And the dipping sauce goes in the hole, of course. Hmmm... turns out that's an Americanized thing too, I guess. After all, Mazzio's probably didn't invent the Calzone anyway.

So, cut into this thing with my knife and fork, and oh boy. It was like heaven. Cheese. And more cheese. And ham. Ham? Where's my pepperoni? Oh well... it was wonderful.

My point? Who knows. Except that I would like to start branching out a bit when it comes to eating out. Mazzio's and Subway and Taco Bueno don't have a patent on good food.



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