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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mac and RSV

From an email Jennie sent...
Will you please pray for Mackenzie. She has RSV. It's a virus, so no antibiotics. And because she has this, she couldn't get her 4 month shots.

Here's what babycenter said about RSV:
"Because it's transmitted by physical contact, RSV spreads like wildfire. RSV is transmitted through the air and on surfaces — all your baby has to do is to breathe in the air after an infected person coughs, or touch a contaminated toy. The virus can live on hands and surfaces for up to six hours."

Because it's so contagious, I won't be leaving the house until next Thursday for her 9 day checkup with the doctor. So we won't be at church on Sunday, have our small group on Sunday afternoon, or be at staff meeting on Monday.

The good news: the doctor called her a happy weeser. She weeses and then smiles real big. She does NOT have to do breathing treatments. She is also eating well.
As Jennie said, please pray for our little one. Thanks!



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