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Monday, September 05, 2005

Childhood Games

Super Mario Brothers 3
Originally uploaded by Tim Morgan.
We had a nice weekend at the lake. Along with the usual (riding watercraft, tubes and such), we fired up the old NES and played some old-school Super Mario Brothers 3. While game technology and graphics have changed considerably in the years since my childhood, the gameplay of the original Mario Brothers titles still has a special place in my heart. Graphics aside, I'm not sure gameplay will ever be much better than jumping on turtles and smashing boxes.


Blogger George said...

I have a confession, I never beat super mario brothers. I got to level 8, but never could beat that fire breathing dragon/turtle thing (was his name bowser?) I'm the only person I know who couldn't beat it. Needless to say I've yet to beat any game on xbox either....

8:46 PM  

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