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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Today was spent at Laguna Beach in California. I walked to the bus stop, and for $1.25 my travel expenses were covered. After taking a few pictures of people and the landscape, I found a spot on the beach. I spread out on my purple, Hawaii beach towel and read Joshua. I had a map of Israel in biblical times, so as I read Joshua I was able to look at each city as it was discussed. Here's my super-condensed version of Joshua - all 24 chapters in a nut-shell.

Joshua- He did a lot in his 110 years on earth. Joshua was Moses assistant, so after Moses died he took over. He led God's people, the Israelites, into the Promised Land. To get there, they crossed the Jordan - which God stopped the flow of - and on their way through the river, they took 12 stones from the middle of the Jordan and carried them to camp. They marked the place where the priests, who carried the Chest of the Covenant, had stood. Then, after camping in Gilgal, God gave Israel Jericho.

Joshua became famous over all the land. Joshua then went to take the city of Ai, but God stopped them. Joshua had to trace God's anger to one person - Achan, son of Zerah - who stole from one of the cities Israel was given. God held back Joshua and the people of Israel from His goal until this one person was brought to justice - stoned to death. One person. Wow!

God then gave Israel their land. Moses had already divided up some of the land, so those tribes were sent to settle. Joshua cast lots before God (after advisement for how to divide the land) and completed the division of land to the rest of the 12 tribes. A couple of the tribes didn't think they had enough land, so they went to Joshua and he gave them more.

The wars were over and everyone settled in their land. Each king was appointed for 31 cities. In the end, Joshua asked the people who they wanted to worship. Everyone chose God.

All of Israel was given their land from God, and God guaranteed they could keep everything as long as they obeyed Him. It was up to Israel to maintain God's blessings.

Today was so refreshing. Thank you God for study days. Also, Tim, Stephen, and I had dinner at Johnny Rockets. After a nice burger, fries, and milkshake the hot tub finished us off. Today was perfect!


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